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Crime & Police News

Minor Detained for Robbery of Big-H Delivery Truck

Dangriga Police have detained a sixteen year old minor and are looking for a second individual following the robbery of a delivery truck on Monday. Police say the Big H delivery truck was making a delivery in the Harlem area in Dangriga when the driver was approached by a male person wearing a black t-shirt who pointed what appeared to be a black handgun at him and demanded money. The individual then removed one thousand five hundred dollars from the driver’s pocket. The second culprit who was also armed opened the truck door and retrieved a knapsack which contained proceeds from the day’s sales which amounted to three thousand dollars. Quick response from Police resulted in the detention of the sixteen year old minor and recovery of some of the stolen money. Police searched an abandoned lot and found a Black nine millimeter pistol with an extended magazine containing four live rounds of nine millimeter ammunition which was believed to be the firearm used during the robbery. No one was in the areas when the search was conducted so the firearm and ammunition was labelled and deposited as found Property. On Tuesday Dangriga Police arrested and charged a 16 year old Minor for the Crime of robbery and are looking for the other male person.

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