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Murder in Hopkins Village

We move from the Capital to the south where, twenty-eight year old Marcus Sanchez, a resident of Hope Creek Village in the Stann Creek District was found dead by Dangriga police on Saturday morning.  ACP Joseph Myvett explains the severity of Sanchez’s wounds, the murder weapon, and what police believed to have transpired.

ACP Joseph Myvette, Head of National Crimes Investigation Branch: “The body had a large wound to the head as well as an apparent chop wound to the left side of the neck. Initial police investigation revealed that the deceased was in the company of another male person on a construction site where they apparently had some misunderstanding where upon the deceased suffered these injuries. Police recovered a number of weapons which they believe may have been used however that is yet to be proved by examination.”

The Officer Commanding Dangriga Police, Superintendent Leslie Wade, told Love News they are looking for Sanchez’ co-worker, Selvyn Crispin. He said the men had been drinking the night before and had gotten into an argument.




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