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Teakettle Villagers Demand Deeper Investigation Into Missing Man

Residents of Teakettle Village are still searching for 24 year old Markey Mendez who went missing since Wednesday of last week. They had staged a protest over the weekend in an effort to demand more from the police. We start the story however with when Mendez disappeared. The young man’s mother, Verna Mendez told Love News that her son left home around two in the afternoon that day and never returned.


He told me that he went to the shoe man to fix his slippers and that was the last time I saw him. We live a mile from here and that whole night he didn’t come back and then I saw the next morning that he had not come back then I started to get worried and then I called family and friends but that was a surprise to me because he never stays out no matter how late he will find home. He is not a person that stays out of his house, he comes home every night and maybe once in a blue moon he won’t come home but he will call and he would say that he would stay with such a family.”

Mendez says they searched through to Thursday and came across bloodstains in the village cemetery but there was no sign of Markey. Today, the mother of three says she fears her youngest boy is not alive.


I just want to say that if they know at least just tell the family where we can find the body, at least to give us peace of mind that we can visit him at the grave but like this, this we will take to the grave because we don’t know where he is.”


Do you feel that something bad may have happened ?”


Of course, I told you that he is not the kind of person to stay out and today makes six days something definitely happened. We found a trail of blood to the river and then we found a short pants and a shirt with blood and now they found a slipper and the villagers know who they would always see with those clothes and the last person he was with that night was two Santos brothers and those were the last persons he was with.”


Has the police been helpful?”


The police yesterday passed through with one of the Santos but the one that everyone saw him with they have not found him.”

The community grew more concerned and by that time the police had been called. By Saturday however, the community members were uneasy and feeling that the police department was not doing all within their power to locate the missing man, they demonstrated their dissatisfaction by burning tires on the George Price Highway, blocking part of the highway.


I had gone out and when I came back I saw that all of the villagers were out there upset and I saw that they had fire lit on the road that is all I know because I was not here.”


And to date do you continue to get assistance from villagers in searching for your son?”


Yes, this is nothing yesterday we had a whole crowd. Today is Monday so most people are at their work but the villagers have supported me.”

Today the community continued their search for Markey Mendez and police were also at the cemetery and surrounding area conducting their investigations. Officers have also gathered the evidence the villagers found at the cemetery.

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