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Crime & Police News

US Embassy in Belize donates to Belize Police Department

The Mobile Interdiction team has received bullet proof vests from the United States Embassy. On its Facebook Page the Embassy states that the equipment will “help the MIT maintain their safety as they combat gang violence and enhance citizen security across Belize”. Commissioner of Police Chester Williams said that the department has also petitioned for new vests.

Commissioner of Police Chester Williams: “We continue to look at gathering resources for our officers and yes the MIT will be receiving some protective gears and I have also approached the Embassy through the CARCI Program to see if we can get some brand new bulletproof vests for our officers. So far they have been very receptive to it and so we will put forward the proposal and see how it goes from there.”

The US Embassy has time and time again expressed its commitment in not only fighting for citizen security but the drug trade as well.

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