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Yo Creek Accident Takes Three Lives

Three young men lost their lives as a result of a traffic accident over the weekend on the road leading to Yo Creek Village in the Orange Walk District. They are 22-year-old, Minor Hernandez; 26-year-old, Jason Gongora and Jovani Gongora, all of Yo Creek Village. The accident happened on Saturday night at around nine o’clock when a Tillett bus and a green Ford 150 pickup truck collided.  Orange Walk Police Second in Command, Inspector Jose Mendez told Love News that investigators are still trying to figure out what caused the accident.


“Orange Walk police responded to the call of a fatal traffic accident on the Yo Creek Road that would be in the vicinity of the Cuellos Distillery. Upon arrival the police observed a Tillett’s passenger bus and Ford F150 pickup truck, both vehicles were extensively damaged. They were on the right hand side of the road when going towards Yo Creek Village. A preliminary investigation revealed that the Tillet’s bus which was driven at the time by 42 year old Iran Dominguez of Trinidad Village. Both were travelling from the direction of Orange Walk Town towards Yo Creek Village when the F150 travelling from the opposite direction. There were three male occupants in the F150 pickup they were observed with serious head and body injuries trapped inside the vehicle. With the assistance of the Orange Walk Fire personnel the passengers were transported to the Northern Regional Hospital where they were pronounced dead on arrival.”


“From eyewitness what may have caused this accident?”


“The police are still investigating as to what would have contributed to the accident. Urine samples were obtained from the bus driver to be tested for alcohol and we are still awaiting the conclusion of the post mortem examination to send all samples to the lab to determine whether alcohol was a contributing factor to the accident.”


“The officers who responded quickly to the scene where they able to tell whether or not the driver seemed to be consuming alcohol.”


“We do not want to speculate. We will rely on the findings of the forensic evidence to determine whether or not alcohol was a contributing factor.”


“Did police talk to any of the passengers?”


“Several persons were interviewed and as we speak the police are working on all necessary statements.”

The bus was extensively damaged and had its engine and transmission destroyed.  Also injured in the accident was George Mejia, a passenger on the bus. He was rushed to the Northern Regional Hospital and later to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital in Belize City for further treatment.

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