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Did Ady Pacheco Lie to Senate Committee?

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And before that happens, will Prime Minister Dean Barrow be summoned to testify? Throughout the senate hearing, several questions have been asked that witnesses have not been able to answer appropriately or in full. One of those questions has to do with the stop order given to discontinue security clearance checks for visa applicants, specifically for Asian nationals. When Immigration Officer, Ady Pacheco was questioned about it, she said it was a directive from Cabinet. When we asked Minister Wilfred Elrington, he said it was a directive he had no knowledge of and one he would not support. The Head of Cabinet, Prime Minister Dean Barrow was asked about it yesterday and he said he would check the records before giving a definitive answer.


The committee hasn’t deliberated on that so I can only share my view on that. I really don’t see why we would have to call the Prime Minister. I think we are losing sight of what the report really is about and we are looking at the processes in the immigration and nationality department what went wrong and what we can do to fix it. We know as a fact that a decision may have been taken, I don’t know where, to do away with that I don’t know the reasons for that but I  think we should look forward to what our recommendation will be in that regard. We know it was done I don’t think there was any devious plot behind it. So we should be looking at whether we’ll recommend it should continue or if we feel comfortable that the status quo would remain. We haven’t even heard from the department now as to what it has been doing. As far as I understand it there are many many things that have come up in th course of the inquiry which the department has already addressed and for my part I am looking forward to hearing what has been done since the emergence of these issues in the department, what has been done to correct it and I feel that that for me would be more beneficial than some of the things we’ve heard.”

The substantive Minister of Immigration, Godwin Hulse, is expected to testify before the hearing ends.

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