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Did Deanne Die due to Medical Negligence?

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30-year-old, Deanne Michelle Robinson began with a simple sore throat in the latter part of October.  After being unable to consume food and upon the advice of her mother, Mildred Crawford, she went to do a medical checkup.  She was then referred to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital so she can be placed on drips; on Friday, December 28 she was admitted to the hospital.  Robinson was placed on drips and had xrays and a CT Scan performed in the process.  Crawford along with her other daughter took shifts at the hospital as they looked out for Robinson ensureing that she was never alone.  But something went terribly wrong because three days after being admitted to ward at the hospital, the young mother of three passed away.  Love News spoke with the mother at length today who explained what were the concerning factors for her over the course of the three days.


With the realization that the woman had a high temperature, she was given medication for the fever but what happened next was perhaps the most alarming part of it for the mother who remained in the room through the process.


When the doctor came out the room it was merely to inform the family that they would be wrapping the body to take to the morgue.  This ordeal is what has prompted the family to ask for a post mortem examination.  It has been nine days and the hospital has not been able to conduct the autopsy.  According to the Public Relations Officer for the KHMH, the woman’s next of kin has signed a document accepting the outcome of the case but the problem comes in when the hospital refuses to reveal who that next of kin is that signed the document; leaving the mother and the rest of the family at a complete loss as the mother and her other daughter have been the ones attending to all matters since Robinson was admitted.

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