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Drive Through at Chon Saan Palace

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There was a strange vehicular traffic accident that occurred in Belize City on Wednesday night. A vehicle drove into the entrance of Chon Saan restaurant on Kelly Street. Lee Mark Chang told Love News that no one was injured.

Lee Mark Chang Proprietor, Chon Saan Restaurant: “Last night I was home already and I got a call that there was an accident at the restaurant. When I came there was a gentleman with a baby and a woman that I was told was in the vehicle. The video also proved that it was so. I found out that they had no license and no insurance. It is an accident so I just asked them you know that I will just have to press charges and hopefully by the time we are finished up we can drop charges once they make payment to fix the building.

Jose Sanchez: “Exactly what happened?”

Lee Mark Chang Proprietor, Chon Saan Restaurant: “Based on the video that I saw the cat came out from this street right here which is Nursery and I think they slowed down at the corner of the intersection and I think the person just pressed gas and went straight into the side of the building.”

Jose Sanchez: “Inexplicably unfortunate but while people know you can get the building fixed with your insurance etc I think a lot of the call and cry from the public is when will you have your Chon Saan drive through?”

Lee Mark Chang Proprietor, Chon Saan Restaurant: “That would take some real careful planning. I was told before that a curve side pick up would be nice. I think we could do some compromise, instead of doing a drive through I have given it thought that people come out to your car take your order pack it up and bring it back to you in the comfort of your car. I think that would be even more convenient and of course real estate is expensive in Belize of course you know that right. To make a drive through, it is kind of inconvenient especially with the size and the area right now and if it can happen I will make it happen but in the short term I don’t see it happening. No I didn’t get the name of the driver but we are lucky that no one got hurt which is most important.”

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