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Elderly Man Dies after Being Attacked By Bees

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An elderly man has succumbed to injuries sustained in a bee attack last week. 62-year old Omar Cruz and his son Adrian Cruz were attacked while cleaning their lawn. While his son survived, Cruz died over the weekend.

Fem Cruz reporting

A villager of United Ville fifty seven year old Alma Jean Cruz and her four sons are mourning the sudden loss of their father and husband sixty two year old Omar Cruz who was attacked and killed by a swarm of killer bees. Love News understands that Omar Cruz was with his son, thirty one year old Adrian Cruz lawn mowing the back portion of their lot when they were attacked and swarmed by the bees. Both son and father were rushed to the Western Region Hospital where Omar Cruz suffered the worst. He was transferred to the KHMH in an unconscious state. Love News confirmed that sixty two year old Omar Cruz succumbed to his injuries this past Saturday evening while receiving treatment at the KHMH. Shirley Myvett, the neighbor, and the chairman of the village Ralph Wong spoke to Love News about the incident and what needs to be done.

Shirley Myvett – Neighbor

“These bees are here for years and nothing has been done school children are passing Monday to Friday on this same street. Something needs to be done from the authorities.”

Fem Cruz

“We’ve just visited the center there and see a lot of bees still in sight.”

Shirley Myvett – Neighbor

“There is still bees inside there is more trouble to come.”

Ralph Wong

“I never know about the wasp but I know about it now and I am trying to make BAHA check today; if they don’t come today by tomorrow that will be solved. I will make sure I get someone to come and smoke it out and burn it.”

Fem Cruz

Tell us a little about the health center.”

Ralph Wong

“You need a lot to get something done there so I try to do different community service in the village. I’ll send couple letters to the Minster of Health and see if they can come and do something to it and then maybe we just scrap it and remove it.”

Fem Cruz

“Tell us a little bit about what you know about Mr. Omar Cruz?”

Shirley Myvett – Neighbor

“He was a nice and kind and loving person always sharing, always loving.”

Fem Cruz reporting for Love FM.

Two dogs were also attacked by the bees and died as a result. 

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