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Eldred Neal reinstated as PSU President

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The Public Service Union Belmopan Branch called a Special Meeting at the Belmopan headquarters to resolve the matter of the suspension of the President, Eldred Neal. Neal was suspended after a recording was leaked in which he made disparaging remarks about the Garinagu. The recording was deemed offensive and racist and Neal was suspended on May 19 after a majority vote of the Council of Management at a special meeting. Chairperson of the PSU Belmopan branch Dareth Obemayer says that the mediation session was fruitful and the matter has been resolved.

Dareth Obemayer – Secretary, Belmopan Branch PSU
“14 of the council of management members were present; that included the suspended president at the time. A motion was placed, or a suggestion was placed for us to lift that suspension with a condition. So, that suspension was lifted with the condition that the president does not chair the meeting. He was then called back into the room, it was explained and he accepted the conditions and so now he is back as the president of the Public Service Union of Belize and business should carry on as usual.

Dalila Ical
“Now I was told that he also apologized, is that true did he make any sort of apology?

Dareth Obemayer – Secretary, Belmopan Branch PSU
“Yes he did make an apology, he apologized to the council of management that were present and in that light he also added that it extended to the membership so through the chairperson you would go back to the members and we were to inform them that the president had apologized for the tape.
Dalila Ical
“So there is more differences within the PSU on a whole?”

Dareth Obemayer – Secretary, Belmopan Branch PSU
“No not at all. Everybody is one right now moving forward and putting everything together and working towards the upcoming AGM.

Dalila Ical
“And Mr. Neal has expressed his support behind all of this.”

Dareth Obemayer – Secretary, Belmopan Branch PSU
“Yes. Actually we had a council of management meeting followed immediately after that session had concluded and we were all sitting around the table as we used to do before the suspension we would sit around the table, discuss and agee or disagree the majority decided and that is how it worked.”

Obemayer says that there were no tensions during the meeting. She added that the meeting was viewed as necessary before the Union held its 95th annual general meeting on August 19 in Belmopan. That meeting was chaired by mediator, Solicitor General Nigel Hawke who had also suggested all contentions be settled before then. At the AGM, the Union members will elect a new executive including a President, Second Vice President, Secretary General and two councilors. We understand that President Eldred Neal plans to address the media on Tuesday.

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