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A daring armed robbery took place in the south in Eldridgeville. Toledo Correspondent Paul Mahung indicated the police responded in due time,  however the culprits escaped with a few hundred dollars.

Paul Mahung: “An armed robbery was reported last night at a Chinese business in Elridgeville in Toledo. The incident happened shortly before 9PM at Bosch Store located some five miles out in Punta Gorda on the Southern Highway. Police confirmation confirmed that two masked male person entered through the front door of the business. One who pointed a shotgun at 29 year Jen Hun May wife of the Chinese business man and demanded money while the other person who had a machete went behind the counter where it is believed that $400 in cash was handed over without anybody getting injured. The two robbers then made good their escape by going around the back area of the building and through pasture land into the darkness before the male owner of the business entered shortly after at the scene. No other persons were at the store at the time of the incident. Acting upon information three Police Constables arrived at the scene later and a search in the immediate area resulted in nothing of interest recovered. Reporting from El Ridgeville I am Paul Mahung.”