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Excess Rains = Tilapia in Abundance

While a number of families are devastated by the recent weekend flood, some villagers in Ladyville are thankful for the excess water. Due to the rains the pond that is situated on the Bowen and Bowen property has reached its capacity.  When we arrived on the scene, we saw dozens of people in the drain, catching tilapia that had made their way from the pond. Love News spoke to community activist, Dave Mcculloch who explained to us what he thought occurred. He says it is an annual event.

tilapia ladyville 1DAVE McCulloch


McCulloch says that he is enjoying the moment, and so are those that were catching fish because many have no jobs.


Many who live in that area are aware that there are crocodiles in the pond but Jarret Bainton says he was passing by and he saw the crowd and joined in the fun.


Love News spoke with Plant Manager of Bowen and Bowen, Nolan Michael who says it had nothing to do with their factory releasing any chemicals or any such matter.  He said it was simply the result of the pond being overcrowded and the excess water.

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