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Live Update COVID-19

📣 Belmopan. April 8, 2020. 7:10 a.m. – 8TH CASE OF COVID-19 CONFIRMED IN BELIZE.                      📣 The patient is a 50-year-old male who is currently in the isolation area of the Corozal Community Hospital.                      📣 Two More Cases of COVID-19 Confirmed.                      📣 PRESS RELEASE Belmopan. April 6, 2020. 10:30 a.m. – The Ministry of Health has continued to scale up testing for COVID-19 and a further 26 samples were tested on Sunday, April 5th. That scaled up testing has identified two further cases, both males residing in San Ignacio.                      📣 Belmopan. April 5, 2020. 8:15 a.m. – Ministry of Health confirms Fifth case of COVID-19 in Belize. The patient arrived in Belize on Friday, April 3rd, and is in self-isolation at a quarantine facility. He is without symptoms and stable.
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Faber endorses Patt as Minister of Natural Resources

The next Minister of Natural Resources will be Hugo Patt. As was announced earlier this week, Patt was assigned to the portfolio after Dr. Carla Barnett requested to be reassigned. Patt will become the fourth Minister of Natural Resources in under three years.  Yesterday Minister Wilfred Elrington told the press the problems within the Lands Department is systemic. Today we asked Deputy Prime Minister Patrick Faber if he shared that view.

Deputy Prime Minister Patrick Faber 

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education Honorable Patrick Faber: Absolutely I have gone on the record to say that as well; when the Prime Minister describes the Lands Department as a hot bed of corruption as many of us now have adopted. He is not talking about the Minster he is talking about the entire system that we all know as Belizeans. Anybody who has had the opportunity to interact or to engage with the Lands Department knows that in there you have to know the right person or you have to go with a bag of money you know you have to do something; that is not supposed to be the case in order to get things done and that is what needs to be changed and I will tell you that I know for certain that the Senator Minsters who served in that Ministry did their best to try to put in place structures to the detriment of the free flow of things in the Ministry sometimes you have to put things on pause while you try to fix the system and that may have been the criticism about them and we will see to what extent Mr. Jugo is able to continue that work of fixing what is wrong systematically and also be able to speed up in terms of being able deliver the services for people because that has been the main criticism that while we try to fix the system people are not getting the service and it is hopeful that, that can change or marked improvement can be seen with this new Minister.

Faber said that Hugo Patt is qualified to take up the task assigned to him.

Deputy Prime Minister Patrick Faber 

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education Honorable Patrick Faber: He is a two time elected Area Representative; He is a senior Minster in this administration even before they put him at the Ministry of Natural Resources, I mean a full Minster so it is not that he was Jr. Minster he had long been elevated in the Ministry that he had served under or he is currently serving so I think that is an unfair categorization of him. He is as far as I am aware from my interactions with him a very intelligent person who is knowledgably about what needs to be done in various areas of service to the country. I believe that he will bring a new energy into the Ministry and that is no criticism for any of the former Minsters. I think all three of the Senator Ministers that were there: Minister Hulse, Minster Vanessa Retridge and Minster Carla Barnett all brought their talents and their skills to the table, they are very good organizers, they are very much no non sense persons and they participated, they contributed to the process of fixing what is wrong in that Ministry and now we expect Minister Jugo Patt to do just that and continue it so that there can be that very needed service for the Belizean people.

The new Minister of Natural resources will take up his post on Monday, June 23.

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