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Faber weighs in on Whylie’s remarks

Former Commissioner Allen Whylie said he received many attacks as Commissioner. Upon his retirement and the installation of the new Compol yesterday, the typically media Whylie told the media yesterday that he was handed his walking papers, which was a calculated move he did not expect.  Today, Deputy Prime Minister Patrick Faber was asked to comment on Whylie’s remarks.

Deputy Prime Minister Patrick Faber: “We certainly feel that it was unfortunate, we feel that the transition could have in fact gone smoothly except for those remarks. It could have been a joyous occasion and it ought to have been but naturally when circumstances like that happen sometimes feelings are in the mist and the former Commissioner I think was just being honest about he felt. The criticisms whether they were valid or not I am not going to get into that. I am just going to say that we really do wish him well as he departs the top job and we certainly look forward to the new Commissioner having a bigger impact on the situation of crime especially as it relates to here.

The new Compol, Chester Williams has ascended to the position of top cop at the age of 44.