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Feeding the Children at St John’s Vianney

Deputy Mayor of the Belize City Council gave a thousand dollars toward the feeding program at Saint John’s Vianney Primary School in the Port Loyola division.  While it may seem like a strategic move on the part of Samuels considering that he has a political eye on the area upon Minister Anthony Martinez retirement, Samuels told Love News that his main reasons for doing it was because it was a request sent to him and that feeding children should always be a priority.


“We at the Belize City Council have always done social programs outside what is really mandated or what is our job description. We have partnered many times with many schools over the city where we have done different social projects with these schools from computer labs to refurbishing of classrooms to different projects like paintings etc. We personally believe such a donation is of vital importance as to not to sound cliché or anything but our kids are our future and a good meal definitely no ifs or buts helps with performance in the classroom and learning. So definitely we want to help foster these good learning and a good hot meal and that definitely helps. We at the council take very high priority in bettering or being part of anything that will better the lives of our kids in any way possible. With our kids I believe that it is definitely a worthwhile investment and definitely something that will yield fruits in the end so it’s very important for the council to make such a donation it’s very important for us to be a part of such an initiative.”

There are about four hundred children in the feeding program at St John’s Vianney Primary School.


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