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Financial Intelligence Unit talks of their role in the triple murder investigation

The FIU is also a part of the taskforce created to investigate the recent triple murder that took the life of notable teacher, Alarice Andrewin, along with Vidal Yuman, and Maria Juarez. Kent Clare, the director, also spoke to us about the role that the FIU would play in a criminal investigation such as this.

Kent Clare – Director of Financial Intelligence: “Obviously, I cannot get into any details but I will tell you that the FIU fully supports law enforcement and it is not only the police. We support other competent tax authorities when they are investigating things. The FIU has certain powers and once we are comforted that there is a financial crime component we will put all our resources available to that authority so getting things like bank account information and stuff like that. It is beyond that, providing officers who are trained in investigating financial crime so now we have our investigators here who have have special insights because of the training they would have had so that is what they bring to the table, their expertise and the powers of the FIU to get certain information that maybe the police could not readily get.”

The taskforce also contains elements from the special branch unit, the anti-gang task force, and the operations unit. The lead investigator is the Head of CIB in Belize City, Alejandro Cowo.///////////////

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