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Belize Song Competition Winners

This weekend ended with a bang in the north as Belizean artists performed their songs live in Corozal for the National Song Competition’s final round. The People’s Choice Award went to both Dennis Requena and Jarrett Cornejo, they were picked by the audience through online voting. For the Belize Song Junior category, Amiri Gentle won second and Huston Alvarez won first and for Carnival Junior Zaena Myers won second and Amiri won first place. Under the Senior Carnival category Jarrett Cornejo won first and Leslie Jenkins won second place. Lastly for the Senior Belize song category first went to Cecil Cocono Bwai Jenkins and Lady Raqs, and second prize went to Egbert Gill. The Competition was a heated one and everyone was on their toes to see who won.

First prize winners for Senior category each received $10,000 and second received $3,000. For Junior Category first received $3,000 and second received $1,000.//////

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