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Government & Politics

Fonseca Says He Has Freetown Covered

For over four decades Prime Minister Dean Barrow has maintained his seat as the Area Representative for the Queen Square Division – one of the thirty one seats in the House of Representatives.  His counterpart in the opposition, Francis Fonseca, however has only been in the Freetown Division for 12 years.  It is pale in comparison, particularly since Fonseca has come close to losing his seat in Freetown particularly in 2008 when the current Speaker of the House, Michael Peyrefitte contested Fonseca and lost by a margin of only sixteen votes.  Today, Fonseca says that he is confident of his seat in Freetown division because he has been doing his work in the area.


“We always have a tough fight in Freetown and that’s always the case but we have no doubt about the fact that we will deliver Freetown again for the fourth time for the People’s United Party. Yes I know there is always some excitement about Freetown but we have absolutely no doubt about the fact that we will deliver the seat convincingly for the People’s United Party.”

Interestingly, in the Freetown Division there were five hundred and ninety five newly registered voters.  According to Francis, enough of those new registrants are his to win the division.  The UDP Standard Bearer for the Freetown Division is Dr Carla Barnett, who

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