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Football Federation Election Stalled

The Football Federation of Belize’s tenth Congress was not held over the weekend because it did not have the quorum needed. At least four District Associations and the Premier League had written to the FFB informing  that they would not attend. Without them, the FFB did not meet the quorum needed to carry through with the meeting, in which elections were to have been carried out. Hipolito Novelo reports.


“Out of the twenty delegates eligible to vote, only six attended this weekend’s FFB congress in Belize City. Three other delegates were not allowed to attend the congress because they could not present their credentials as voting members of the FFB.  The absence of more than fifty percent of the voting delegates caused the elections of president and senior vice president not to be held. CONCACAF Representative, Marco Leal, was sent to witness the event.”


According to the statutes that is clearly stated that if there is no quorum the congress should reconvene in twentyfour hours. Because we have elections in the agenda elections can only take place if the quorum, 50% plus one of the members are here in our presence so we will encounter the same scenario. We will have to determine if there is a quorum; if there is no quorum there will be no congress and we will see what the way forward is in that case.


“And in this case, the congress was put off for 24 hours. Members met again on Sunday but still, the quorum was not met.  Leal says the political feud within the FFB is hindering the federation’s operations.”


It’s not the optimal thing given the situation, the political tension that Belize is going through. I would like to stress that, and like I told the congress, for the past three elections we have encountered tensions here in Belize it’s always the same situation. We want to look toward the future of Belize, towards the development of football in the country and sometimes this politics gets in the way and hinders the normal operation of the federation.”


“The call for voting members to boycott the congress was sent out by Sergio Chuc in a recent press conference. Acting President, Marlon Kuylen, described the moved as disappointing.”


To me it’s very embarrassing. It’s very unfortunate we have tried so hard despite the many challenges we had this past year. We made some forward strides but the politics brings out the ugly side of football and it’s very unfortunate. When things like this happens it’s very discouraging because me personally I put a lot into this and when we have all this backbiting and back stabbing and undermining it just takes the wind out of my sails.”



“And to put back the wind in the sail, Leal told the media that there will be a review of FFB’s statutes to prevent the repetition of these cases.”


A deep statute revision process which will incorporate new procedures by FIFA and CONCACAF that will try to avoid situations like the ones we have, we will look at the structure of Belize Football, the distribution of members, the inclusion of stakeholders to make sure that Belize football is properly and duly represented in the executive committee within the structures of the congress so we will try to implement the mechanisms to avoid this happening again.”

While that goal is yet to be accomplished, the daily running of Belize’s largest sport federation must continue.


Well the administration of football continues, it can’t stop and I was placed there to do the job and I will continue doing the job.”

Reporting for Love News, I am Hipolito Novelo.

Marlon Kuylen and Ruperto Vicente are contesting the post of President. Running for the post of senior vice president are Carlos Galvez from Punta Gorda and David Griffith from Belmopan.

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