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Foreign Minister says entry of Guatemalan Soldiers at Western Border not a big deal

On Thursday the Minister of Foreign Affairs Wilfred Elrington said that his Ministry has sent the Guatemalan Government a protest note after Guatemalan soldiers casually walked across the western border back in January of this year. As we had reported then, three Guatemalan soldiers walked across the western border into the immigration hall. While nothing major happened after, the incident raised many questions and was frowned upon by Belizeans. Minister Elrington says that he investigated the matter and explained what he found out. 

Wilfred Elrington – Minister of Foreign Affairs

“I have seen notes that we have sent and I have seen the Guatemalans’ response to it and it is the usual thing you know and we are required to do that. We need to do that because we need to make it clear that we will not countenance any act which constitutes in our view a violation of our own sovereignty and our territorial integrity so whenever that happens, it is almost automatic that as soon as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is aware of it, it is dealt with but it is not my understanding that what transpired was more than officials coming across. People from the Military came across to ask what had happened to the media. Apparently the Guatemalans because they are involved in their own education process, the media I am told, I don’t know how true it is but the media in Guatemala have volunteered their services. They are not charging the Guatemalan government anything, they have volunteered their services to help to educate their country folk on the issues. To that extent they have been taking certain steps so that they found in necessary or desirable to come and actually make pictures of what exist at our border so that they can present that to their people; show that to their people. Our policeman, one of them was a little nervous when he saw what was happening. Really he was doing the same job that you have been doing, trying to get information. It wasn’t anything more than that.”

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