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Former GM says matter will be settled in court

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As was reported earlier, the former general manager Yolanda Gomez was not allowed to address the gathering. Following the meeting Gomez spoke with the press. She was asked to comment on the allegations made against her.

Yolanda Gomez – Former, General Manager

“Definitely I deny all of them and the president actually claimed that the one in reference to the Visa card that those are paid from the Credit Union coffers that is a blatantly lie and they know. There are senior staff members, the acting general manager knows that’s a lie so I have to deny all of their allegations and as Mr. Carballo send in the end, let the court come out with the facts that is when things will come to light.”


“As they past general manager for the past twenty four years of the credit union you are well aware of the dos and don’ts of the credit union, if the board is launching these allegations against you. As a former general manager would you say that they are as guilty as anybody else who is being accused in these investigations?

Yolanda Gomez – Former, General Manager

“I think a lot of members voiced that opinion today and as I said again let the court prove, let the final decision be proved in court. You’re making some serious allegations, you’re talking about fraud and forgery. They definitely don’t have that against me. I think you heard them chose their words careful as well indirectly and directly and they know why they’re choosing that because while they’re trying to paint me in the worse manner possible and they’re trying to put me as the person over all responsible they know that for a fact that when they are talking about fraud and forgery that is definitely not at my end.”


“They launched a question for someone from the surveillance committee saying why they had not come out before, you’re talking about an auditing going on all the way back from 2012 the surveillance committee are saying that they received false report hence why they couldn’t say anything at the time because they knew nothing. Could you respond to that?

Yolanda Gomez – Former, General Manager

“As I’ll say again, let them bring out the facts. There is definitely an explanations to the procedures and the process that have to be abided by. I’m not the sole person a process takes more than one person the procedures is more than one person and at the end of the day all the loan applications have to be signed by the credit committee that makes it legal as well. The truth will all come to light and you all will be there to witness that.

Present at the special general meeting were two representatives of the Central Bank of Belize and the registrar for Credit Unions in Belize.

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