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Free Zone Store Destroyed by Fire

A well-known business establishment inside the Corozal Free Zone was gutted by fire last night.  The two storey structure known as Menandro’s Company Limited specialized in the sale of clothing and apparel and has been in existence for over a decade.  Officer Commanding the Corozal District, Superintendent Sinquest Martinez furnished us with the preliminary findings.


At around 12:30 AM Corozal Police responded to a call from the Corozal Free Zone that a fire was in the zone. The police left to the zone where they saw a building engulfed in flames. By the time they got there the firefighters were already there controlling the fire which was under control under the command of Mr.Kevin Williams of the fire department. Initial investigations revealed that so far we haven’t gotten much information in respect from the proprietors. We are currently conducting an investigation into the matter. The building is totally destroyed along with its contents. As we speak the fire has been contained but the fire department is still out there controlling the fire. We still have things out there burning and the contents of what was in the store still burning likewise. So it will take a while for it to be completely put out, it still has to be monitored.”

The structure and its contents were insured.  Proprietor of the building and business is a Mexican national.

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