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Agriculture & Farming

Froyla Now Chairs APAMO

Froyla Tzalam, the Executive Director of the Sarstoon Temash Institute for Indigenous Management, SATIIM has been elected as the Chairperson of Association of Protected Areas Management Organizations, APAMO. This past weekend, APAMO held its eight annual general meeting under the theme, “Coming together, sharing together, working together, succeeding together.  Guest speaker was the Chief Executive Officer in the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries, Sustainable Development, Environment and Climate Change, Dr. Colin Young. In his address he highlighted that Government recognizes the various challenges facing protected areas management in Belize, in particular, the need for financial sustainability. In this regard, he urged members to reflect on the organization’s mission with the aim to ensure that it is being effective, efficient and relevant. He stated that his Ministry welcomes the role of a revitalized APAMO in the implementation of the National Protected Areas System Plan. APAMO says it remains steadfast as the leading umbrella conservation organization working to protect our natural resources for the benefit of all.

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