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Fundraising drive deemed a success

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The Kareem Clarke Memorial Fund held a food drive this Saturday. Members of the fund who are also members of the media were located at three business locations in Belize City where they asked for donations from members of the public. Hundreds of dollars worth of food items were donated and following the food drive, the items were handed over to the Eno Medina who manages the Saint Joseph Feeding Program. Chairman of the Kareem Clarke Memorial Fund spoke about the initiative.

Alexis Milan – Chairman, Kareem Clarke Foundation

“This is the first of three events scheduled to be held annually, two food drives and in November we plan to have a literacy fair which includes a poetry competition with some prizes and activities and events to be held at the memorial park which would include media personalities. So today was the first of three events, today was a food drive, the idea was to collect as many dry and canned goods as we could do donate to the St. Joseph feeding program which is something that we undertook as an initiative when we first sat down to plan this group because the family requested that we give assistance to the St. Joseph feeding program and so we decided to take that up and support that group as much as we could. The St. Joseph feeding program is run by the Society of St. Vincent De Paul and we sat down and discovered with them what a well-organized and properly managed program that is provided that it would be fairly easy for us to support. So when planning this event we decided that all we needed to do was seek a few locations and set up in front of those locations and ask for donations. We had three locations and at each locations we had between three to six media personalities as well as family members of Kareem Clark and we were there from 10am -2pm and I think as a first event we did exceptionally well. We collected a lot of goods, all sot of items.”

Enoe Medina of the Saint Vincent de Paul-Saint Joseph Conference which manages the feeding program, shared her gratitude.

Enoe Medina – St. Vincent de Paul Society

“I am so happy. His family has always been at St. Joseph and in the feeding program. As it is right now many of his nieces and nephews we have been attending to them at the St. Vincent De Paul feeding program at St. Joseph and I feel so grateful that the mother would think of our feeding program to give back to us and to be able to help other children that we have a long list that we are unable to cater for them but with this case that the media is doing in the memory of Kareem Clarke we will be able to feed many more children. It goes a long way because we give a warm meal to forty children every day and this is a great help especially for us to vary the meals that we will give the children, we will have a variation of other foods that we will be able to cater to them because the children like variety and I so grateful to you all because this will take us a long way.”

More than two thousand dollars worth of food items were donated.

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