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Imports down 1.4%, Exports down 16.4%

During the month of June 2019, imported goods were down by 1.4 percent, a total value of $2.3 million from $170.8 million imported in June 2018. According to the Statistical Institute of Belize, the decrease was due to the demand for less diesel and a reduction in a variety of food items imported into the country.  Despite the downturn in the total imports, records show that there were notable increases for several commodity categories including furniture, desktop computers, aviation equipment, refrigerators and air conditioners. With the new school year fast approaching, there was a significant increase in the importation of school bags.  Meanwhile, the total value of domestic exports was down by 16.4 percent, a total value of $5.8 million, from the $35.5 million recorded in June 2018. Sharp decreases were recorded in primary industries such as sugar, citrus, lobster products, conch and bananas.  SIB pointed out that for the first half of the year, exports totaled $206.5 million, which was a decrease by eight percent or $17.9 million from the same period last year. 


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