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Hard Life on Mothers Day – Living on Noodles

Last week there was a demonstration at the Constitution Park in Belize City. Though the thrust of the activity was to promote growing concerns about the rise in fuel cost, one demonstrator had worries that was closer to her heart and her concerns reverberate particularly loudly today. It is Mother’s Day and while money is being spent on the commercialization of the bond between mother and children, Edith Myvett told Love News that she is a single parent living in poverty and getting by on most days means eating noodles even on Mother’s Day.

Edith Myvett – Living in Poverty: “We are living in poverty right now ma’am and even if you have a job, rent is going up, water is going up and light is going up. Our pay is like $175 a week and for the two weeks we make like $350 to less than $400. We are just working to pay bills and sometimes the bills are higher than our pay right now in this society. Right now the most selling thing in Belize is, if you go to the store to Publics or any store, any supermarket, most parents are purchasing noodles, many parents are purchasing noodles right now. You have to pick up like one pound of rice and if you want the rice cheaper you have to go to the market so that you can buy $1 a lb and sometimes the rice isn’t good, sometimes the $1 rice is broken rice. You would have to go to the market and get something cheaper, sometimes it’s chicken parts you have to put on the table for the kids, ma’am I do not want that. We have to eat what we can afford out here, we are working but we are not making enough money to provide what we want for our kids. I want to say this to the PM too, I am officially from Queen Square and I have been asking them for a job for a long time. They mostly give single parents a job, I am a parent with five kids. My oldest son graduated from ACC, I have one in six right now and I have three more siblings and you have other single parents out here that are bawling. I would like to say to all single mothers too that most things things that are selling are alcoholic beverages and noodles.”


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