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Harpy Robbery Suspects claim police abuse

The appearance of Deputy Commissioner of Police Chester Williams at today’s police briefing was primarily to address last week Thursday’s shooting incident, during which two minors were shot at in the Lord’s Ridge Cemetery. They were shot by the cops after they allegedly committed a robbery of two guns from a Harpy Security guard.  Williams spoke about the incident since there were allegations by the suspects family members that the police used undue force to apprehend them.

DCP Chester Williams: Members of Operation ACT received information of a robbery on Antelope St. extension. The officers quickly sprang into action and upon reaching the area they learned that a security guard from Harpy Security Company who was carrying firearms at the time was held up and robbed by some individuals. The police’s quick response to the complaint made by the security officer led to them seeing three persons fleeing the area, they were in a van. The police pursued the van and eventually caught up with it and the occupants quickly alighted the van and attempted to make good their escape. Police pursued the individuals during which the police officers fired shots and two of the individuals were caught in the lower part of their bodies. Those two individuals are two minors. Police also in that same operation apprehended one Harry Montero who is 23 years old and the two firearms that were stolen from the security guard were recovered.  The firearms are two .38 revolvers and they are presently in police custody. The three individuals have since been arrested and charged for robbery and kept unlicensed firearm and ammunition. This is why society is the way it is today because we do have parents out there who always try to justify the wrong of their kids or their children. I personally was on the scene and from my discussions with the people who were in the area as well, the police shot at those persons while they were fleeing, not while they were on the ground. I can tell you I was very quick on the scene and none of those individuals were beaten by the police. What these parents need to do is try to counsel their children to ensure that they don’t put themselves in this position again because at the end of the day the society is sick and tired of these young men going out there, robbing people who have worked so hard for what they have and as the police we are going to do our best to be able to ensure that we apprehend and arrest those persons who are out there relieving people of their property.

The Deputy Commissioner said that if the mother of the minor has a complaint she can make it at the Professionals Standards Branch. However, he felt that because of the nature of the crime, the youths could have been killed during their apprehension.

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