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Health & Science

Health Regional Manager Speaks on Rodent Inside Incubator


Regional Manager Melinda Guerra spoke of the most recent incident; that of the rat found inside an incubator. Something she said she has never seen in all her years working in the health field.


“We actually went into the room with a flashlight; we have to light all the sides of the wall to see if we can find any hair or any rat droppings or if we could smell any rat urine and we could not find anything. The place was immaculately clean so we want to know how this rat …. and then the holes that were there, when you walk the hole was probably half an inch and one was probably around five centimeters.  So, it’s just the question of how this rat got into the incubator. Right now the measures that we have in place now immediately after the incident, we met with the nurses, the doctors there and the interns, we asked them about the confidentiality issues of our staff just like our hospital administrator mentioned is that we need to ensure that when patients come here we need to guarantee them privacy and confidentiality and when issues like this are being broken down then we as the management team and the Ministry of Health have to look into measures as how we can address the ethical issues that are being broken down, the unprofessionalism. I know we have our Policy Service Regulations that we have an oath of confidentiality that we have to go in and sign but then again that individuality of the persons saying that they are going to be professional, respect my patients because the patients have a right. So we just want to assure the public that we are doing everything that we can to ensure that their stay at the hospital is safe and that we provide the highest quality of care.

We will have more of our discussion with hospital authorities as well as CEO Dr. Peter Allen on Monday.

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