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Health & Science

Northern Regional Gets Refurbished Operating Theatre

An operating theatre was officially opened this morning at the Northern Regional Hospital in Orange Walk Town.  It is a facility that was very much needed considering the high volume of cases in that jurisdiction.  Dr Marvin Manzanero, Director of Health Services told Love News that it was done via government funding.


Yeah well it was an operating theatre that had not been functional for the last two years because there was some major repairs that had to be done in terms of the wall, the ceiling and the floor so that takes time to reinforce all the structures in there. Walls, floor everything had to be changed in there so it took us two years to get it fully functional at a cost of approximately $400,000 so we now have two brand new operating theatre rooms at the Northern Regional Hospital.”


And this was funded through what a loan or a grant?”


No these are all government funds, this was totally the Ministry of Finance through the Ministry of Health. Some of the equipment is new actually there is a sterilizing machine that had been bought in 2014 and just when it was going to start to be used is when the operating theatre was decommissioned so that is a part of the new equipment that is in there.”


And in terms of human resources it is well staffed?”


We are still looking for surgeons and anesthesiologists, the ideal is that we are trying to bring three specialists out of the key areas, we only have one anesthesiologist at that hospital and two surgeons. We hope to have a new surgeon on board in the next couple of weeks so we are still looking for pediatricians and anesthesiologists to cover that entire that entire cadre at least in terms of specialists.”

For the last two years the Northern Regional Hospital were working out of a make shift facility.


Well we had to have an interim operating theatres function for the last two years it doesn’t mean that surgeries were not being done. Of course that is not the ideal because that area moves a lot of patients so we had minor and major gynecological surgeries, emergency and program surgeries being done out of another area within the hospital. On average actually over the last year we were doing close to 1,300 even though that is not the ideal. The review of the data for the first three or four months of this year talked about 400 major surgeries happening there and now of course with the operating theatre being there that should go back to its routine numbers which would be about 2000 surgeries per year.”

Speaking at this morning’s opening was Area Representative for Orange Walk North, Gaspar Vega.

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