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Home Invasion in Sarteneja

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Sarteneja is a beautiful fishing village Belize in the furthest part north of Belize. To get there through Corozal, one must drive over two ferries to get to the seashore. Sarteneja is typically quiet as most Corozal villages tend to be and crime is low. However, one resident of Sarteneja was the victim of a home invasion. Assistant Commissioner of Police say the perpetrator told the homeowner he was a police officer in order to gain entrance to the home.

ACP Joseph Myvett – Head National Crimes Investigation Branch: “There was an aggravated burglary in Sarteneja on the 2nd of May where one Leomere Santoya reported to police that on the 2nd of May sometime around 2 am whilst himself and his family were at home in Sarteneja Village he heard a knock on his door. He got up to check and one person dressed in black clothing who claimed to be a police officer, stated that he was a police officer and requested entry into the premises which he was granted and he was later joined by two other persons. The home was ransacked where a number of items were taken including his Kia Sorento vehicle. A police investigation has since led to the arrest of one Noel Samuels where he has since been charged for the crime of aggravated burglary and handling stolen goods. The vehicle has since been recovered as well as a number of other items, the police are seeking two more persons in relation to this investigation.”

The police is looking for two other suspects. No one was hurt during the incident.


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