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Hyde makes Claim that COMPOL failed Lie Detector Test

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According to Cordel Hyde, the Area Representative for Lake Independence, Commissioner of Police, Allen Whylie, failed a lie detector test. During his presentation at the Sitting of the House of Representatives in Belmopan, Hyde had in his possession a letter dated November 6, 2008. The letter is from former US Ambassador to Belize, Robert Dieter, who wrote that Whylie failed the polygraphy.

Cordel Hyde

“It seems madam speaker that the Americans administered a lie detector test on perhaps 34 of our senior public officers and BDF officers and coast guard personnel.”

Madam Speaker

“Excuse me but you’re not going to call names right?”

Cordel Hyde


Madam Speaker

“Please don’t call names.”

Cordel Hyde

“It is not clear whether the Government of Belize requested the U.S. Government to administer these lie detector tests or whether it was the U.S. Government that imposed on the Government on Belize that these officers had to subject themselves to these lie detector tests. If it is that the Government of Belize requested this then the question is why? If it is that the Government of the United States imposed it not the Government of Belize then the question is why did the Government of Belize agree to that? According to Ambassador Dieter’s letter, the questions asked of the officers were whether they had committed any serious crime or whether they had provided investigative information to criminal organizations. But the most notable of it Madam Speaker is captured in number 29 speaks to a certain senior police officer who is the top cop in all this land. It is said that the senior police officer at this time in 2008 failed in his lie detector test when he was asked the question, whether he had provided information to criminal organizations. Very serious business madam speaker, and I hope that I am wrong.”

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