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International News

German Journalists Tour Belize

The Central America Tourism Agency (CATA) recently arranged to have representatives from five media outlets in Germany take a three-country tour with Belize being one of the three.  The team got to Belize on Sunday, June 11 where they were taken to various locations around the country including visited the Warasa Garifuna Drum School in Punta Gorda, the Nim Li Punit archaeological site, Placencia Village and Laughing Bird Caye among others. The main purpose of the journalists’ visit was to obtain a first-hand experience of the Belize tourism product, with the potential to produce several articles on Belize in their respective publications. The visit was facilitated by the Belize Tourism Board (BTB) in support of participating stakeholders. The German agencies represented were Magazine Forum, RheinZetung Newspaper, DiereiseOneline Journal, Madsack Weekly and Hartman News Agency. When combined, these outlets reach an estimated sixty million viewers in Western and Central Europe.  Belize was the last leg of their journey after having gone to Panama and Nicaragua.

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