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Is BELTRAIDE the Antidote for Unemployment?

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One of the reason schools exist is to equip students with the necessary tools to become a part of the workforce.  For the most part, schools have been training their students to be employable and not how to be an employer.  However, BELTRAIDE wants to change all that, especially given the alarming numbers of persons who are unemployed, which is as high as 9% of the population, according to the Statistical Institute of Belize.  This month is the national entrepreneurial month and during this month one of the initiatives BELTRAIDE intends to embark on is to visit schools and engage students to think of being employers rather than working as an employee for an entity. The Manager of Small Business Development Centre Belize (SBDC) of BELTRAIDE, Nilda Riverol, spoke to Love News about the initiative.

Nilda Riverol – Manager of SBDC

“We have a national entrepreneurship strategy and within that strategy one of the important pillars is culture and mindset, so the education system. We believe that if we start stimulating the minds of our students they could start identifying abilities and potential that is not necessarily linked to being employed or becoming an employee. So we want them to start thinking about what their abilities are and what they can do with it and the main objective is to stimulate innovation, creativity and for them to start thinking like entrepreneurs ‘If I don’t get employed instead of seeking employment I could be the employment generator by establishing my own business and employing people.’ So we want them to be game changers for the economy of Belize so we are working with the educational system as part of our strategy for fostering entrepreneurship development in the country.”

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