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Jane Usher Boulevard Area resident makes plea to gunmen

But the police are not the only ones concerned over the rising gun violence in the Jane Usher Boulevard area. Belize City residents have grown concerned, especially those in areas where tensions among gang members are high. A resident of the area where Merrick Lambey resides told us today that while they were not the targets of this morning’s shooting, the incident caused great fear in her family, so much so that they slept on the floor to feel safe. Today, wishing to comment off camera, she made a plea to those behind the attacks and the trigger men.

Dalilah Ical: Your family experience great fear last night?

Resident: “Yes ma’am we were so frightened and it was so sad that nobody didn’t see anything, it happen so fast. All  I’m asking the community to you know please stop the violence because it was really scary, the kids didn’t sleep last night, it was so traumatizing and the house that they went to its so sad because there are a lot of innocent kids at that house you know. If they have anybody they are looking for let them meet them on the street or something like that because it’s not fair for us the mothers and the single mothers around here especially for these kids please whosoever is doing this please I beg you, I plead to you as a mother to please stop please you are hurting our children and I really hope that it stop and I am begging and pleading to please just stop the violence and let’s move on, lets learn to live together as one.”

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