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Killed because he lived on Arlington Drive

The second murder occurred some hours later on Friday night and Police say the incident was directly connected to the earlier shooting.

Jose Sanchez:23 year old Francis Pollard had recently become a father. The shootings that happened earlier caused a gunman to kill him because he was walking in a targeted area, Boots Crescent. His neighbor said he was a good man.”

Neighbor:My bethren was a good somebody, he has a lot of love for the ghetto youth. Everybody knows Tito; young boy work, young boy doesn’t even want in anything like that check but it’s just like what they say how the devil work but at the end of the day to the bredrin that do that I just want to make that Brethren know that Bredda you deal with a man that probably wasn’t in anything and that’s on you my little boy. We don’t have any retaliation or anything to deal with that. Just trying to deal with my brethren and make the man go down and have a piece of heart check.”

ASP Alejandro Cowo: ”Pollard was walking from Gentle Ave. into Doris Brooks and upon reaching a friend’s house which is located at # 6579 Dorris Brooks and he was about the enter the gate when a male person just approach him from behind and fired several shots at his direction causing the fatal injuries.”

Jose Sanchez: “The police say it could have been anyone. “

ASP Alejandro Cowo: “I think that it would be anybody; it did not have to be somebody specific. Anybody who they had they had the opportunity to shoot. There is a vehicle assigned to that entire area there. It is a large area however the vehicle patrol each and every street and alley in that area they are responsible for. We have a foot patrol around there likewise but we have to be very cognizant that the man power. We see where it is needed; it is where we place police officers. Yes we have seen that in that area there is an increase in shooting incidents and the police are looking at that. Probably they will be putting more police officers in that area there.”

Voice 1:He was a nice guy and to my eye site I didn’t know him as a no bad person . I even feel it deep for him because he just have a young child that just born like 2 weeks and it really hurt me because my girlfriend baby and right now I am trying, fighting with here to bear it and overcome it.”

Reporting for Love News Jose Sanchez.


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