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knocked down, shot, and fighting for life

A Belize City man was gravely injured in a shooting incident on the Philip Goldson Highway late Saturday night. 21-year-old, Nathaniel Lockewood has had no run-ins with the police and he was giving a ride home to an acquaintance on his cycle when he was injured. Love News spoke to Lockewood’s sister, Kayla and his mother who are praying fervently for his recovery.

Jose Sanchez: “21 year old Nathaniel Lockwood was socializing on Saturday night and after 12:30 am he was knocked down and then shot. Neither his family or the Police know why.”

ASP Alejandro Cowo: “Mr. Nathaniel Lockwood was socializing at a house in the San Hill area when he met a friend by the name of Lindon Ramos who asked him for a ride to go to Gardenia Village. As a result both of them got on their motorcycle and Mr. Lockewood drove the cycle towards Gardenia Village. Upon reaching Gracie Bank area they noticed that a vehicle was following them. The vehicle knocked them from behind causing Mr. Lockwood to lose control of the cycle and they ran inside of the bush where they fell down. Whilst on the ground a male person came out from the vehicle and fired several shots.”

Jose Sanchez: “Lockwood’s sister Kayla said the incident was inexplicable as her brother was a hard working individual who is not affiliated with crime.”

Kayla: “ They slow down and they wanted the vehicle to pass them because they don’t know who was in the vehicles and why the vehicle was following them so they decided to slow down and let the vehicle pass them and the vehicle bunked into the back of cycle. The guy who was sitting at the back, he fell off and then he said when he fell off  he heard the shots start firing. Little shortly after he got up and started looking around for my brother and he realized that my brother was in the bushes in the corner crying for help and that is when he realized my brother couldn’t move and noticed all the shots. He has seven shots, four in his back and one in his each leg and one in the right arm.”

Mother: “Right now he is stable but critical you know so we are just praying for the best. Who so ever did this to my son they hurt an innocent person and you who so ever did it put a hole through my heart you know because mien its rough and it’s hard to see your kid lay down like that and cant help himself and then I am asking everybody who could support us. Saturday we will be doing a fundraising in Sand hill fora$7 a plate. We are asking anyone that can support us to come and we would really appreciate it.

Jose Sanchez for Love News.

On Saturday, October 27 the family is having a barbecue sale to raise funds to pay for Lockewood’s medical expenses.

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