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Ladyville primary school students not allowed in class

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Today primary school students countrywide returned to classes, or at least, most of them did. Early this morning, Love News was alerted about a situation at the Ladyville Seventh Day Adventist Primary School, where we were informed that as many as two hundred students were turned back, reportedly for unpaid registration fees. Our news team found a group of disgruntled parents and unhappy students outside the school this morning; one parent explained their side of the story.

Voice of Parent: “This morning I had sent my kids to the school with my husband right? So when he came to the school I told him “I am going out so please take the kids to school today for me.” So he comes to the school, when he comes, well I didn’t know what time that they saw the principal but some of the parents out here have said that they have not seen the principal from morning, they don’t know if he is in the office or not. Well anyway I have four children coming here and my four kids they had already reached home after 9:15am, that was when I was getting ready to leave my home. When I saw that kids were running in my yard I was so shocked. So I opened my door and asked what happened and then he said ‘mommy the principal said we can’t come because daddy didn’t pay the school fee and if you owe you can’t go to the school.’ So I said alright well I’m going to jump on my bicycle and I’m going to the school that is when I came out here and I’ve already heard that 200 children have already left, that is from north south east and west children have already gone home and that is not right. After 9am when I got here some parents were saying that he said we can go in and make a payment plan. After so many kids had already left for home and this is the first year school so what could parents do now, just go and sit with the children them ? I don’t know how it changed from $25 to $50, I found that out when I came out here this morning. They didn’t have any warning because on the last day of school they they already know when they want help for the school they send a note, so why didn’t they send that note to say and notify the parents to have the money to pay for school ?”

Love News was informed by a school warden that the situation was resolved and the students were allowed in class but sources say that did not happen. Our attempts to reach school officials were futile. We will follow this story tomorrow.

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