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Learning to settle conflicts

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A five day conflict mediation training ended today in Belize City. The Youth and Community Transformation Project and RESTORE Belize collaborated to train nineteen service providers in conflict mediation. Participants included police officers, social workers and youth workers among others. Hipolito Novelo has the story.

Hipolito Novelo: Resolving disputes is no easy task especially if you are stranger to the parties involved.

Sandra Diaz Cadel Co- Facilitator: One of the goal of the organization offering the training is to ensure that the technical capacities of officers are built in the area of Conflict Mediation so that they can best serve their clienteles.

Hipolito Novelo: 19 service providers such Police Officers, Social Worker and Community Rehabilitation Officers participated in a five day training to equip themselves to such disputes before arguments escalate to a dangerous or maybe fatal stage. Sandra Diaz Cadel is Co-Facilitator.

Sandra Diaz Cadel: The Conflict Mediation follows six steps where we look at the Introduction Stage Opening Statement Stage making the Disputance feel comfortable and then we move on into and also covering ground rules in those areas and then we move on into having the Disputance telling their stories and each person’s listening respectively to what the other is saying and as the Mediator it is important for you as you are listening to your stories to ensure that you key into their interests and concerns that needs to be addressed in order for the conflict to be resolved and so that takes place in the whole analysis and then coming up with all possible solutions in terms of what are the options that are their but everything needs to be coming from the Disputance because as the Mediator they need to understand that they are a neutral person.

Hipolito Novelo: and as a natural person the Mediator must also realize that at what point mediation is not working. Lincoln Flowers of the Department of Youth Services is a participant.

Lincoln Flowers of the Department of Youth Services: We learned techniques how you reach solutions and you might not reach today, one of the techniques we learned was pausing, taking a stop, understanding that you reach certain milestone today and pause, take a week off, take a day off and then address the situation when a little bit more of the anger has died of and they have a had a time to think about the situation and also importantly mediation once participants agree to mediation it is saying that they are willing to talk out the problem that they have and want to come to amicable solution.

Hipolito Novelo: The participants are now tasked to apply what they learned before receiving their certificate they will be supervised and assessed during three real time mediation sessions.

Caroline Crawford Procurement Officer YCT Project: It’s up the agencies now to go back, the persons that are trained now to go back to their respective agencies and use the tools they have been taught since Monday to deal with whatever issues they have which may be one a scale from different things, you maybe have conflict with your parents, you maybe have conflict with your peers, you maybe have conflict at school so it maybe gives them more in the sense of learning how to deal with issues and finding a balancing ground in a sense. Reporting for Love News Hipolito Novelo.


Those who participated in the training will join the 153 professionals who have previously been trained

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