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Love FM’s Karen Koote talks about her love for Love

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Tonight, as we countdown to the 25th anniversary of Love FM we once again take a look at the experience of one of the company’s long-standing employees. Tonight we hear from one of Belize’s favorite radio announcers, Karen Koote. She has been with the Love family for nineteen years. She shares her story and her experience with us.

Karen Koote – Radio Announcer

“I started by sending in several applications to be an announcer but unfortunately at the time they had no vacancy so I had to wait; so a couple months later I got a call saying they did have a vacancy but it was for a receptionist job and I took the opportunity with that job and I was a receptionist for a couple months. During that time I always wanted to be an announcer so during that time I would take my free time and go into the studio. Learn the music; learn the equipment and my first on air shift was the midnight to six am shift. I worked so that Donavan can get a few nights off so that was my first on air shift. My first day shift was a Saturday morning Agric. show weekend, one of the busiest weekends for Love FM and you know the phrase “you either you sink or you swim” well I swam and I’ve been here ever since. Why I chose Love FM? At that time Love FM was the only radio station that was on in my house so I had the years of listening only to Love FM; loving the music, loving the ambiance of what I was listening to and I said if I ever worked at a radio station it would be Love FM because I always heard about the prestige and the importance of what Love FM was to Belize at the time and that was back in 1999.”

Dalila Ical – Reporter

“Nineteen years now, you’ve stuck with the company for this long; how has that experience been?”

Karen Koote – Radio Announcer

“It has been life changing , heartwarming, especially traveling across the country meeting so many people from all walks of life all ethnicity, telling you how much they admire you, you’re finding out the impact that you’ve had on their lives and finding out how much of a role model you are to them. It’s both exciting and extremely humbling at the same time.”

Dalila Ical – Reporter

“Any plans to move away or is this home away from home for you?

Karen Koote – Radio Announcer

“Well you know you never know what the future holds for you but for the mean time Love FM is my home until such time. I just want to take this opportunity to say how proud I am to be a part of this organization and to be celebrating twenty five years of nothing but Love.”

Join us next week as we explore other experiences and challenges that the Love family has endured over the last 25 years serving Belize.

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