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Man is charged for slamming his vehicle into police mobile

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Police have charged Asuncion Rash for crashing his private vehicle into a parked police vehicle over the weekend. Reports are that on Saturday, Rash slammed into the police vehicle allegedly over a previous altercation with officers who were in the police mobile. Today, while police did not confirm that such altercation happened, DCP Chester Williams confirmed that Rash has been charged.

DCP Chester Williams: Well the Wingle is not total, the pan of the Wingle is extensively damage but the vehicle itself is in good working condition and Mr. Rash has since been charged in respect of that matter and the matter is before the court now.

 Reporter: Is Mr. Rash a police officer?

DCP Chester Williams: No

Reporter: Did the driver of the Police mobile, was he authorized to be behind the wheel?

DCP Chester Williams: Yes he was authorized to be in the vehicle and the vehicle was not being driven at the time of the accident, the vehicle was parked.


The officers who were in the police mobile are not being subjected to any investigations since the vehicle was parked at the time of the incident.

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