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Man predicts plane landings Police, Politicians and Cartels

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Several members of the United Democratic Party and the Belize Police Department were named this morning as being allegedly involved in the drug trade and plane landings in the country.  The press conference was not led by any public figure or organization but rather by a Belizean man who has been active on Facebook and who has been posting and in some cases, predicting, where planes are going to land in Belize. His predictions were a bit better than the 1-800 sensation Miss Cleo and perhaps within comparison of the Met office’s weather forecast.  On December 10, Edward Vincent Martinez posted on his social media page of a plane landing in the Barranco area by December 22.  On December 21, the plane landing made the news.  In August 2018, Martinez posted pages of flight coordinates that showed where the flights were landing in Belize.  Deputy Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams, was interviewed on the issue of the flight coordinates but it proved to be a dead end story and investigation.  Today, however, Martinez called on the media to expose what he has referred to as collusion amongst politicians, police officers and drug cartels.  The 90-minute conference looked at the multiple landings that have occurred in Belize.  Unfortunately, due to legal repercussions, we have to withhold multiple allegations he made.

Edward Vincent: “We can touch from December 1st the first plane landed, 2015 in Spanish Lookout, that plan landing was facilitated by the Mennonites and covered by ____________. November 29 2016 there was a landing in La Democracia. That landing in La Democracia was facilitated by drug cartels and the products on the plane was removed by police officers. As I finish here I am going directly because I don’t intend to throw stones and hide my face.”

According to Martinez, his objective is to assist in the fight against drug trade and to call out the public officials who have engaged in facilitating the plane landings.  He says that he has reached out to the US authorities and to the local investigators but has now resorted to going to social media.  He went on to say that he is not fearful of losing his life for speaking out on this issue as he has a contingency plan that will reveal all the video and other evidence he has amassed.

Edward Vincent: “April 30 we had one in Santa Cruz area which they allege was burnt and nothing was found. April 24th a jet in San Estevan. The release to the media was that nothing was found on that plane, now this is the first stone; that is not true. I have in my possession which I will reveal in my next press conference a video from an establishment showing police escorts to the plane and police escort at the point at passing the establishment back along with known drug people. Corozal at that time was being manned, the area was being manned by no other than Sinquest Martinez. The attempt to gain footage of that establishment video camera but I have better links I got it before them.”

Martinez has predicted three landings to occur in Belize for January 2019.  We will have more on his predictions and allegations in our subsequent news reports.  The working day had not come to a close before Martinez has been sent several threats via text allegedly from phone number 653-1694. The person has been allegedly been stalking Martinez’s whereabouts throughout the day and allegedly had his gun trained on him. It is unclear how he did not predict the fallout from his press conference. However, he claims he will supply the evidence at a further date.

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