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Management Plan of the Belize River Watershed in final phase

The Faculty of Science and Technology at the University of Belize is in the last phase of a project to develop a Management Plan for the Belize River Watershed.  The University of Belize in collaboration with the World Wildlife Fund embarked on this project last year.  Love News spoke with Josue Ake, Lecturer at the University of Belize about the progress of the project.

Joshua Ake Lecturer UB: In may we will do our work with the stakeholders to validate the formation and also to seek that the stakeholders are in agreement with the management.

Reporter: Can you tell us some of the things that has been outlined in the management plan for the watershed?

Joshua Ake Lecturer UB: Yes we have two things: one is the within the management plan there will be two programs and those two programs have subprograms and those two programs will be taught of the hydrological monitoring program in the entire watersheds of Belize river and the next one will be that of communication and education outreach and that program communication outreach has two subprograms in terms of conservation and restoration. Now geographically on the head wall of the Belize River there is forest cover and the head water is where the Chiquibul sub watershed is located, the Macall sub watershed there will be program and projects related to conservation and education outreach and then on the middle and the lower reach of the watershed there will be program for restoration.

Ake said that in the second phase of the project, they will be seeking funding to implement some of the projects that are within the proposed plan.

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