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Who was Maria Juarez, the woman killed in triple homicide incident?

The postmortem examination results of the triple homicide has been released. 39 year old Vidal Antonio Yuman’s death was certified as Acute Cranevencephulic traumatic lupine from a single performing gunshot wound to the head.  A single gunshot to the head was also the result of 19 year old Maria Delfina Juarez Lucas’s postmortem examination. The results of 44 year old Alarice Andrewin’s autopsy was certified as due to hypovolemic shock, external exsanguination laceration of the left common carotic actery, due to multiple penetrating gunshot wounds to the face. While the Guatemalan born citizens were shot once to the back of the head, Andrewin was shot at least two times to her face, leading to speculation that Andrewin was the target of a hit. We say at least because the police department refuses to release how many times she was shot. We do know however, that 4 expended shells were recovered from Andrewin’s home at mile 10 on the George Price Highway. While much attention has been to Andrewin, not much has been revealed about Vidal Yuman and Maria Delfina Juarez Lucas.  While in Belize Yuman was residing on Kut Avenue and had been in a relationship with Maria Juarez. Love News spoke to Maria Juarez’s uncle, Abel Juarez in Guatemala via phone and he said that she left Guatemala two weeks ago to be with Yuman, a man that she had been in a relationship with for the past three years. Abel Juarez told us that they were looking for employment when they were killed.

Abel Juarez – Uncle of Maria Juarez: “From what I know my niece did not have enemies and was not fighting with anyone because from what I heard my niece went there because her husband went and they were going for work.”

Reporter: “Do you think that it happened because they were around the Belizean woman?”

Abel Juarez – Uncle of Maria Juarez: “From what I was told they were robbed, tied and shot, that is what they told my older brother.”

Reporter: “ How are you guys going to transport the body?”

Abel Juarez – Uncle of Maria Juarez: “That is what my brother is on, today he is going to see how he can get the body to Guatemala. Now we don’t know what will be the cost to take her out of Belize into Guatemala, that is what we are on now.”

Reporter: “Do you know why they were with the Belizean woman?”

Abel Juarez – Uncle of Maria Juarez: “Well like how she is from Belize I think she was renting there with her and supposedly that is where they were killed and she as well was killed. I think the robbers wanted more but like I said my niece and my husband were just starting, they had nothing and that is why I think they killed them. She was here babysitting my other brothers’ kids here in the Capital but last two weeks she said that she wasn’t going to mind them and that she was going to Belize with her husband and that she would come to visit at a certain time and week later yesterday when I read this it was a shock because she had no enemies. To be honest, it is very painful, she was here and from nowhere she is dead now there.”


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