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Mayor Bradley responds to complaints of garbage collection

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Since last week, some residents of Belize City have been complaining that their garbage was not being picked up. So, during his last press briefing as Belize City’s Mayor, Darrell Bradley said he has no issue with Belize Waste Control, the company contracted to collect residential garbage. However, he did say that residents should pay for this service.

Darrell Bradley, Mayor of Belize City

“I’ve never had a difficulty with waste control. One of the things, of course, we have had a very able and effective sanitation councilor in the person of councilor Leslie so that he supervised the transition from BML to our staff and that transition required changes in our management structure, meetings and so forth and we’ve been able to deal with that quite effectively. With waste control now I think that that is kind of a different story because you do have to pick up residential garbage but the commercial garbage-  if I had to make a decision I would have charged people for it, sorry the residential garbage you would have paid $10 for that because just as how you use your cellphone garbage consumption is a service and I think that we need to be practical, we need to have a situation where I think a responsible administration would have campaigned on it, consulted on it, ensured that you don’t force the feed down people’s throat but that you recognize that it’s a cost and you recognize that somebody has to pay for that.”

Bradley explained why his idea of having the residents pay for garbage collection did not materialize.

Darrell Bradley, Mayor of Belize City

 “When you consult you have to ensure that people feel that their voices will be heard so that if I consult with you and you tell me ‘No.’ and I go ahead and do it then you can’t say that I took you meaningfully. So that we would have gone into schools, we would have gone into several areas of the community, we would have consulted with the water services to have them collect the fee for us, we would have consulted with Solid Waste Management the Central Government and we did a lot of across the board discussions and at the end of the day because of where the consultation was we didn’t go ahead with it. What we focused on was we focused on collecting on arrears and we put in place the compliance unit, we put in place policies that if you don’t pay for your property taxes you can’t get a driver’s license so we actually went out on collecting past debt and that has been successful.”

Bradley served two terms as Belize City’s Mayor.

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