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Belize City, Belize Central America

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Donovan Reneau

Donovan Reneau

LOVE FM Radio Announcer

About the Host

Donovan Reneau has been an announcer at Love, covering the late night shift for the past 25 years. Donovan is a legend both on and off the air. He is famously known throughout Belize City for his ability to traverse the City streets and live independently despite a visual impairment disability that befell him now over 35 years ago.

When asked how he maintains a cheerful disposition and humorous outlook on life, Donovan says that he practices gratitude. He is most grateful that he was given a chance to do what he loves—radio, despite his impairment. He is grateful that he was given the opportunity to further his education in broadcasting, as a blind man, at prestigious institutions such as The University of the West Indies.

His segment Late Night with Donovan Reneau, which comes on at twelve midnight to six in the morning, Sundays through Fridays, features a wide selection of golden, oldies and slow tempo selections of the country and R&B genres which sets the perfect mood for falling asleep.

Donovan Reneau is a radio host with a mission, to entertain late night radio listeners with the very best in music night after night.

I thoroughly enjoy what I do every day. Thanks for Choosing Love FM

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