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7145 Slaughterhouse Road

Belize City, Belize Central America

(+501) 203-2098 or 203-0528

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Ejay Hill


LOVE FM Radio Announcer

About the Host

Ejay has always been fascinated with radio. As a youngster he would hang out for hours imitating NYC radio personalities. He’s a US army Vet who has dedicated most of his adult life to radio. This Columbia School of Broadcasting alumni has been figuratively eating, drinking and sleeping radio.

He returned home to Belize in 2001 and became immensely popular in the noon to three time slot at another radio station. At an award ceremony held at the Bliss Center for the Performing Arts in December of 2005, Ejay received the Best Radio Personality award.

After ruling the Belizean airwaves for close to 15 years, he returned to the US in 2014 where he stayed for approximately 18 months and returned to Belize. He decided to be elusive and under the radar for four years quietly “putting in work” as a volunteer at an indigenous radio station in a different sector of the Belizean radio market.

Ejay came aboard at LOVE FM in May of 2019 and is hopeful to be able to continue to live out his passion for radio for many years to come. Without a doubt, Ejay’s voice is certainly one of the most recognized in Belizean Radio.

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