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Members are key in Rotary success

Another organization that is recognizing the work of its partners is the Rotary. Rotary International’s President Barry Rassin has wrapped up his visit. He was in Belize as part of the International President’s tour for the Rotary year that started July 1st, 2018 and ends on June 30, 2019. In his press conference held on Tuesday, Rassin spoke at length on Rotary’s work worldwide and the organization’s achievements. Rassin said the Rotary Club members are a key part of the success as the Club moves forward.

Barry Rassin: International Rotary President: In my messaging I talk about the critical importance of every club having a value to the members of the club. They’ve got to have a reason to come and there is no question. Our weakness isn’t in bringing in new rotarians. We’re very good at that actually. We are very good at bringing in new members and we’re very bad at keeping them. Last year we had over a hundred and fifty thousand individuals leave Rotary; that’s our bad, we need to fix that. Rotary Clubs need to look carefully at what is the value we  give as a club to members coming into our club and if we improve that value and keep more from leaving then our numbers are going to go up. But the other thing is you looked at the citation and this year the citation does call for a net growth of one member per club but if you look at the Presidential citation at the end, it asks for a net growth of five members per club because I agree one member per club is not impactful. It says, let’s stay the same and I think that is a mistake. I want us to be much more aggressive with our goals in that particular case.  Let’s go after more numbers but lets focus on keeping people then the ones that come in will provide that five net growth. That’s very important; so yeah we as Rotary Clubs need to get stronger at doing all the right things. A strong club with a strong leader will continue to grow and so we have to focus on our clubs doing that.

The Rotary International President departed Belize on Thursday afternoon for Honduras.

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