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Men acquitted of murder charge after witnesses refuse to testify

24 year old Charles Young Junior and 27 year old Derrick Kuylen were freed of murder charges today. The trial of the duo who was accused of the 2011 murders of 17 year old Daniel Puerto and 34 year old Ian Martinez was to begin today. The acquittal in the court of Justice Troadio Gonzalez occurred this morning after the crown’s two main witnesses, the mother and brother of one of the deceased had a change of heart and said they wanted the matter ended. Both left the stand unable to assist the prosecution case hence at the close of his case, the attorneys for the two men, Charles Young who was represented by attorney, Dickie Bradley and Ellis Arnold who represented Derrick Kuylen, made no case submissions to the court asking the court to enter a not guilty plea against their client since the prosecution could not prove the charge of murder against their clients.  Judge Troadio Gonzalez who was the judge and jury in the matter since the case was a trial by judge without jury, agreed and upheld the no case submission and acquitted the two men of the double murder, setting them free. On the night of February 4, 2011, the Puerto brothers and Martinez were all socializing in front of their home at the corner of Tibruce and Hibiscus Street, getting ready to leave and go out, when a vehicle, described as a four gold four door vehicle pulled up in the area and two men exit and began to open fire in their direction hitting Daniel and Martinez.  Both men died on the spot, while Darnel who was hit as many as four times, lived and was treated at the hospital for his injuries. Prosecutor was Kileru Awich.

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