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Mexican Ambassador addresses contraband problem

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Mexican Ambassador Carlos Quesnel was also asked about a perennial issue facing both countries. For years, authorities on both sides of the borders have been trying to stop contraband. While busts have been made, the practice is a much more complicated issue. Here is the solution that Ambassador Quesnel offered.


“Our customs and immigration authorities in Subteniente Lopez and Chactemal, we are aware of the issue of contraband between both countries and what I can tell you is that it’s something very difficult to control because of the border we have, we have 288 kilometers of border. We certainly work on the protection of the border and try to do our best but the main response to that problem of contraband is rather to work on the partial scope commercial agreement because that would allow merchandise to come to Belize from Mexico and merchandise to be exported from Belize to Mexico in a manner that will make trade easier and will facilitate trade to commence between both countries and that would allow trade from both countries to do a better trade of merchandise. When did happen in Subteniente Lopez is that Mexican authorities are trying to tighten the supervision and control of the products that come to Mexico for the safety of not only the Mexicans but also the safety of Belizeans.”

 This year will mark three years that Quesnel has been Mexico’s Ambassador to Belize.

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