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Minister Aragon: “We Are an Unarmed Police Department”

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Police Constable Mervin Locke was laid to rest yesterday. PC Locke was attacked by 47-year-old Marcial Toledo on Sunday, March 26. Toledo repeatedly stabbed PC Locke at the Raccoon Street Police Station before several officers who were unarmed. Today, Minister of State responsible for Home Affairs, Elodio Aragon Jr., spoke about the safety of officers at police stations.


“These are unfortunate situations, we lost one of our officers right in front of the police station, definitely we have been looking at those different measures I know we have gotten additional cameras installed from what I’ve been told and we are looking at measures to do whatever we can to avoid these things but we have to be real too. An incident like this I don’t think if we had the best security we could have avoided something like this because it was not expected, we did not know the situation at hand and it is an unfortunate incident. These are the challenges that we have but definitely it is a sad situation where we lost the officer’s life and my heart goes out to the family and of course to the men and women of the Belize Police Department who lost a fellow brethren.”


“But what about the fact that no officer present had a firearm to inhibit that individual and with the cop ending up dead?”


“Well you have to understand that we are an unarmed police department, this is not an armed police department. Yes officers have firearms but to a large extent this police department is still an unarmed police department and definitely the situation is one that it is. It is unpredictable to say someone would have come to do this it is a difficult thing to say that we could have prevented. The situation is what it is and definitely I know the officers that were out there did their best to try to save his life and that is at the end of the day the regrettable situation that we lost someone from the police department.”

Toledo, Honduran national, has been charged for the murder of PC Locke.

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